<% xwlb_id=request("xwlb_id") key=request("key") leixing=request("leixing") sql_text="select * from xw where " if xwlb_id="" then sql_text=sql_text else set rs1=server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset") rs1.open"select * from xwlb where id="&xwlb_id,cn,1,3 xwlb=rs1("xwlb") leixing=rs1("leixing") sql_name="xwlb_id ="&xwlb_id&" "+"and" sql_text=sql_text+sql_name end if if key="" then sql_text=sql_text else sql_name=" xwbt like '%"&key&"%' or xwnr like '%"&key&"%' "+ "and" sql_text=sql_text+sql_name xwlb="搜索结果" end if sql_text=sql_text+" leixing='"&leixing&"'"+" order by px_id desc,tjsj desc" set rs=server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset") rs.open sql_text,cn,1,3 dim pages,cur_recordcounts pages=clng(request.QueryString("pages")) if leixing="选号平台" then rs.pagesize=9 else rs.pagesize=9 end if if not rs.eof then if pages=0 then pages=1 else rs.move(pages-1)*rs.pagesize end if if pages <% call gsxmnrok(1) %>
    <%for i=1 to cur_recordcounts%>
  • [<%=FormatDate(rs("tjsj"),2)%>]
  • <%rs.movenext next %>
共有 <%=rs.recordcount%> 条记录 / 共 <%=rs.pagecount%> 页 <% if pages=1 then response.Write"首页" else response.Write"首页" end if if pages>1 then response.Write"上一页" else response.Write"上一页" end if if pages<=rs.pagecount-2 then start=pages-2 else start=rs.pagecount-4 end if if start<=0 then start=1 for i=start to rs.pagecount if i=pages then response.Write""&i&"" else if i"&i&"" else exit for end if end if next if pages下一页" else response.Write"下一页" end if if pages=rs.pagecount then response.Write"末页" else response.Write"末页" end if %>